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WholeSale Cabinets

Boxed, Assembled, Installed

  • Boxed - You can choose to have your kitchen and bathroom cabinets delivered to you in individual boxes, where you would be responsible for the assembling of the cabinets and installing them on your own.

  • Assembled - This option would include the cabinets being put together off-site and delivered to the customer ready for install.

  • Full Install - Our team will install the boxes off-site and install the cabinets into your residence

Multi-Kitchen Orders

If you are a contractor looking to fill multiple kitchen orders, you can count on Renovate-Me to deliver the order. Click below to get info on multi-orders.

Stone Counter-tops

We have an array of stone counter-tops to choose from ranging from granite and marble to quartz and limestone. Stone counter-tops purchased with a kitchen will be discounted relative to the size of the kitchen. 

Recently Completed Projects

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